"Fear is just a matter of perspective."

Bruce talking to Juilan.


Bruce (Nicknames: Joker, Mason & Cody) is the calmest member of the house. During combat he wears his clone armor with golden highlights. His Stealth is just an armored Bat costume. His casual clothes is just a grey hoodie with a red skull tee and sandy jeans. He mostly walks around the house. Hates any law breakers and will attack to get rid of them.  



Bruce and Miles have a healthy relationship with the other always ending up in trouble. Bruce tries to act as a rolemodel when he finds Miles a better rolemodel.


Bruce finds Julian as his best male friend. Together they pull pranks on everyone in the house. Julian usally gets blamed, while Bruce sneaks out. 


He considers Mandel more than an uncle than a friend. He asks Mandel for male advice. Bruce pulls pranks on Mandel the most.


He considers Ali like an Aunt more than a friend. Just like Mandel, Bruce will seek advice from Ali for female advise.


Bruce finds Bullet like a sister. She never gives away his pranks unless it's on Mandel. In his words "Why do you keep spoiling my Pranks?"


Cody, Mandel and Shard were training a new recruit. The recruit showed amazing fighting skills as Cody got hit in his crotch . "Amazing agility and handling of a weapon. "  Cody thought when he got shot in his visor by one of the recruit's paintballs. When Shard and Mandel started using live ammunition on the recruit, Cody attempts to help before getting pushed into the wall by the recruit. Shard shot a live grenade at the recruit but ended up next to Cody. He attempted to get away before the grenade detonated. Cody was picked up by the medic team.