It was a Sunday morning and Miles was going to do his usual routine. Meanwhile Bruce and Juilian were placing a bucket full of water on top of the door Miles usually opens at 9 am. "He's not gonna forget this." Bruce smiled. "Yeah!" Juilian said. The bucket was perfectly aligned with the door. Bruce's watch started beeping. The duo took this as the signal to hide. Miles slowly opened the door... The door was halfway open before he kicked the door spilling the water onto the floor missing it's target. "What!" The pranksters were shocked. The prankie has become the pranker. Miles pulled out 2 soda guns at squirted it and them. It was sticky and wet. The duo ran to the nearest exit when they ran into foam that Miles has placed earlier. Both unstable they fell into a bunch of leaves that were rapped in honey. Suddenly the bees that lived in a beehive on the tree flew to the prankies and covering every part of their body. "Really? Trying to prank a robot?" Miles laughed. "Pest control, we have bee problem." The prankster said on his phone.